The woman who first taught me to ride horses also introduced me to equine journalism. My riding teacher, Ms. Liza, supplemented my early horse education with stacks of dog-eared horse magazines, from Equus to Horse and Rider to Western Horseman. One hour a week, I saddled horses, cleaned stalls, and learned the basics. Then Liza sent me home with pages torn from horse magazines, covering topics ranging from fly control techniques to vaccination schedules to wound management. These early memories, combined with my love of writing, are part of why I work as a freelance equine journalist today.
Whether you hire me to write a profile, craft an educational series or create eye-catching copy, you can count on my writing to be clear, detailed, and accurate. My stories are based on thorough interviews with expert sources, such as veterinarians, farriers, and trainers, but I also bring my own knowledge base and research to the table. In addition to owning horses for nearly twenty years, I earned my graduate degree in equine science in 2012 and continue to educate myself on the care and welfare of today’s horse. Above all, I love telling stories and working with others to improve the horse industry. I work from my home in Nashville, Tennessee, and enjoy traveling across the United States to capture photos and stories.
My on-the-job journalism experiences include serving as the 2012 publications intern with the American Quarter Horse Association. Since then, I’ve worked as a contributing writer and/or photographer for magazines such as Horse Illustrated, Horse & Rider, The NRHA Reiner, Hoof Beats, The Paint Horse Journal, The Equine Chronicle, and The Mid-South Horse Review. I am also the host of the official podcast of Equine Affaire.
Use my contact form or email me via allison.rehnborg (at) gmail.com, and let’s collaborate!
Quarter Horse News
Western Life
Let's Rope Magazine
Fit Equine
Draw It Out Liniment
Equine Affaire
America's Horse
Horse & Rider

Hoof Beats
Horse Illustrated
Young Rider
The Equine Chronicle
The Plaid Horse

The American Paint Horse Journal

The NRHA Reiner
Reined Cow Horse News
American Farriers Journal
Just About Horses (Breyer/Reeves Intl)
The Mid-South Horse Review
Georgia Grown
Growing Wisconsin
The American Quarter Horse Journal
MTSU Equine Innovator
MTSU Sidelines
Nominated for the 2021 American Horse Publications Equine Media NextGen Award, which recognizes up-and-coming working equine media professionals who have made a significant impact in advancing equine media while upholding journalistic excellence, integrity, and trust in a competitive communications world
"The Power of Light" -- 3rd Place, Horse Care Single Article, 2020 AHP Equine Media Awards
"Tuned to Beauty" -- Honorable Mention, Feature Single Article, 2020 AHP Equine Media Awards
"From The Ground Up" -- Honorable Mention, Instructional Single Article, 2020 AHP Equine Media Awards
"Tending to Tendons" -- 3rd Place, Horse Care Single Article, 2019 AHP Equine Media Awards
"Comeback Kid" -- Honorable Mention, Freelance Writer Equine-Related Journalism, 2019 AHP Equine Media Awards
"Horsemastership" -- 2nd Place, Equine-Related Editorial Series, 2018 AHP Equine Media Awards
"More Than Skin Deep" -- 3rd Place, Horse Care Single Article, 2016 AHP Equine Media Awards

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