Feature Stories: I love writing features about equine health and wellness, industry management, events, remarkable horsemen and horsewomen, technology, finances, and a variety of other topics in the equine industry. I also enjoy writing about American agriculture.
Photography: In addition to working as a show photographer, I provide photography to accompany my feature articles and event coverage stories. I also offer portrait sessions for horses and riders and families. Check out my portrait and editorial work here. See examples of my show photography here.
Videography: I produced a national television talk show for two years, including editing television programs for broadcast, operating studio cameras, and shooting on-location. Now I work with Surly Urchin Studios to produce award-winning short films. I produced a highlight reel for Equine Affaire in Ohio 2019, featuring interviews and footage from the event, and will be producing more videos for Equine Affaire in Massachusetts 2019. 
Podcasting: I am the host of the official Equine Affaire podcast, produced by WDLR Radio. Check out episodes here, featuring interviews with guests including Julie Goodnight, Chris Cox, Sylvia Zerbini & Ambra Andrine.
Press Releases: Whether I'm promoting a one-time event or new developments in an organization, I understand how important it is to control and distribute the appropriate promotional message for my clients through carefully crafted press releases. Please contact me for examples of my press release work. Current clients include Equine Affaire and Soigné.
Social Media Management: I worked for a small television station for four years and developed my love of social media by managing one Twitter account and two Facebook accounts. Now I manage Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts for a variety of clients. I'd love to work with you to meet your social media needs. Check out my work at Soigné.
Copywriting: My experience includes writing short biographies for actors and television talk show hosts, creating copy for websites and chatbots, and writing scripts for short films, commercials and other media.
I'd love to talk with you personally about how I can meet your needs. Let's talk!

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